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Restaurant Review... that I originally wrote to C.C.... but still. you all should know these places.

Have you tried?:
1) Nino's Pizza -
I rate this place super high. It's a family owned independent AUTHENTIC Italian place. Everytime I go in, the guy's like... "eh, we're loosing some money... but, hopefully we'll get more business... just don't go to 'Dominos'"... Seriously, though. The pizza is appropriately priced. It's fresh and delicious. It's definately the best pizza that I've had ANYWHERE. and... if you don't like pizza, they have other Italian cuisine. Anyway, go there sometime, yozz.

Alma School and Warner. It's by target and the $3 cinema. It's in the little strip mall thing.

2) Panchos -
A suprisingly better all-you-can-eat mexican buffet. Regular beffet prices ($5-ish?). It's pretty authentic (they have sopapias... I mean... come on now.)

Country Club and Southern. It's in the same parking space as Bookman's (which is a plus, because then you can look for used CD's and books...)...

Uhm... that's all I can think of. ... not that those are necessarily suggestions for your dinner plans tonight... but... you know... they're cool places...
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