Ashes In The Grain (trywhy) wrote in bent_on_bangkok,
Ashes In The Grain

Ash had him drive.

They surfed.
Those librarians studied.
They jogged.
Those store clerks prayed.
I order her a new dress.
They jogged.
Those flight attendants run.
I fought.
I shaved.
Those dentists grant him his wish.
Those news announcers dance.
They fought.
Those taxi drivers drive.
Those taxi drivers read.
That singer handed him a piece of paper.
Ash swims.
Ash danced.
That garbage man dances.
Dick swam.
They show them a photograph.
Joseph danced.
They jump.
They shout.
Ash sings.
Those photographers lent her a lot of money.

copyright ash ponders 2005
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