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things to consider

Before reading this, just want to let you guys know, advice is urged but not necessary I gues heh. Also I am bi so yeah you could just ignore point 2 if you want. The reason I bring these things up is to make people be aware that these issues exist and it's up to the person to do whatever they wish they want to do lol. Anyways, yeah I don't get out much heh so I want you guys (a small margin of society) thinks.

1) Women vs. Technology. Technology will definitly win. At ASU we use a lot of technology... well mainly computers. Anyways, I don't think half of my professors who are female know what to do with them or how to put a power presentation on the class screen through the pc. Computer litarate ppl... be computer litarate... yes I will hopefully be taking a computer course next semester. Hmm yes... what ticked me off that caused this rant, Bridget Jones... she spent nearly three hours fiddling with her vcr to record a show for her mom on a video tape. It took my sister a half hour to do it. Yes I know, contractory statement there but she's young and tom boyish... and Bridget...well she's "old" and paranoid.

2) When your an 18 yr. old lesbian, how young is too young to make out with a girl? The thing is... at the age of 18 you've become a college student, so yeah it prolly doesn't matter if you make out with someone 4 to 6 years older than you because I dunno... because both parties are legal. However, if your an 18 yr. old and get caught making out with a 13-15 yr. old is that ok? or just as wrong... like when 18 yr. old males make out with 13-15 yr. olds. I don't understand the rights of lesbians, gays, or bi's in other words.

Personally I think an 18 yr. old lesbian should make out with whoever she'd like only if she has feelings for the girl. Now if she's just doing it for the sexual implications... then i dunno... I guess the point I'm trying to make is, it's up to the lesbian to decide how old your young her partner should be. For me personally, I would strongly date someone who's 2 years younger than me... and may consider someone who's three years younger than me. (No, I'm not a lesbian) What ticked me off this time? A 15 yr. old thought it was kewl that I am bi. Again, I don't know my rights of being bi.

3) When cops bust a drug ring, they break it up of course, and compensate all of the money and drugs. The question is, what do they do with all of that after they've taken it? What ticked me off this time... this woman cop used her instincts (note the happy emotional state from a feminist right after words been typed) to and yeah broke up a drug ring. The reporter was seen located at the house... and was seen saying, "...and here are the drugs" then the camera showed the pile of drugs laying in the backyard. That made me question, how was he allowed to come that close to the crime scene and why haven't the cops removed the drugs from the area yet? hmm... oddness.
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