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Today and Tomorrow 2/15/2003

Today I've made enemies,
Tomorrow I will gain allies.

Today I've failed goals,

Tomorrow I will seize every oppurtunity for redemption.

Today I let my emotions get the best of me,

Tomorrow I will think before I act.

Today I am lost in this so called world,

Tomorrow I will be reborn with a sence of direction.

Today I realize that tomorrow will be a better day,

Tomorrow will be today.

[Editor's note: this was written like a long time ago on paper and so I felt today I should type it down in ths diary. Enjoy!]


Spiderman is my friend 3/5/2003
I wish I didn't have to lie,
I wish I didn't watch the way you died.

It seemed so long ago you were in my heart.

You were swift, athletic, and yet not that smart.

I felt your pain of being confined to a mundane world,

Our spoken language of love and kindness

has yet to be decyphed.

I remember being there for you when you needed me,

In return, you where there when I was sad and lonely.

You sadly succumbed to life's crushing boulders.

After that I learned that when I'm overwhelmed,

I have a choice to lift some weight off my shoulders.

My love for you is true,

Although you may have lived a life in blue.

YOu are my friend,

And yet I understand that my happyness

with you will never end.

One fish, two fish,

Red fish, blue fish.

Spiderman, my dearest pet fish,

Thankyou for being my wish.


The end is near! 4/7/2003
Junior year,
It's end is coming near,

With it are memories of laughters and tears.

It's time to remember about our past,

The times my friends that we had together were

A blast

We had fun just hanging out in the malls,

Also helping each other when one of us falls.

In the end we all know that

we will go our seperate ways,

But when we do, we will remember our high school days.

One more year to go,

What would that feel like?

I don't know.

Dedicated to all the juniors of this year.. and to all of my friends who has ever helped me. Thanks a bunches
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