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Love and Hate 10/10/2003

There is a pain in my heart,

As if I was struck by a dart.

I feel betrayed and hurt,

Offensive words I want to blurt.

I just lost the guy of my dream,

To a woman who was only wearing whip cream.

When I look back on that day,

I remember how I think he shall pay.

Would I be satisfied with a gun to his head?

Or make the rest of his life a living dread?

No, I'll think I shall spare him

For I believe that my view right now is grim.

There is hope for love in my future,

However, I don't know how long my heart will be this pure.

I know there is hope for my yet,

But for now I'm going to vent my frustrations on the internet.

Tick...TOCK!!!! 10/27/2003 [version 2]

My journey through high school is like a clock.

In a day there are only twenty-four hours

Trying to manage school, family, and a boyfriend? Boy I wish I had super powers.

A clock makes a ticking noise to a certain tempo,

College can be a frightening thing but takes some time to find my own flow.

Sadly time eventually does run out.

However, there are fond memories like being hit by a flying book from Mr. Trout.

As the hands of a clock keep on moving,

I will face my fears of going to college and keep on improving.

The hands of a clock never stop,

Good, because as high school is coming to an end, I can find time to shop!

When I get to college I will remember this,

Procrastination is a major problem so if I don’t change, deadlines I will miss.

For now I will use whatever time I have left,

To make the last of my teenage days worthwhile because then it would be a theft.

Time will tell where I will be,

Because I don’t know but I can’t wait to see.

I follow by my own ticks and tocks.

Like a clock.

[Author's note: I wrote this poem for a scholorship essay. Tell me how you like it. hehe They are welcomed. Thanks for reading.}
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