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bent_on_bangkok's Journal

Scatty Semantics and Such...
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Welcome to "Bent On Bangkok"!

Thanks for joining if you have, and if you haven't, then please join!

Bent on Bangkok is a community designated for creative writing. If you enjoy writing poetry, prose, or anything artsy, then please join! We'd love to read/critique anything that you produce.


Poem of the Week:

Pain, it consumes me.
Eating away my insides,
Then manifesting itself towards the outside.

He shared with me his life,
I slowly began to share with him my heart.
Probably making the wrong step, I tripped.

He saw and walked slowly toward my fallen body.
I looked up, his face smiled at me, and I smiled back.
I hope he understood I wasn't perfect.

He now stood towering over me,
His gentle hands reached for me.
I felt a sharp pain as he reached,
for my heart

Ripping it out of my chest, he tossed it on the ground.
And I watched with horror,
Stepped on it with his hate-filled black army boots.

My body jerked,
I let out a scream of agony,
And with that, love escaped my soul.

As a single tear fell from my saddened eyes,
My love for him died.
Then and there.