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What is sexual harassment?

I hate being a girl sometimes... but eh... I gotta make do with who I am and what I got and get what I don't have like learn how to say "No." Anyways, back to the entry.

From personal experience, I've had phone sex before and I've been aquainted with the online IM version aka cybering. I don't go out and ASK for it but guys just want me to help them feel erotisized I guess. Everytime I hear a guy on the other line ask me to take off my clothes, I get a knot in my stomach... because I don't want to yet I don't want to be mean to the guy so I lie. Which is a BIG mistake beccause the guy will keep on asking me more... be more persistant. That's one of my weaknesses... but that's not the point of this entry. The point is, "Where does the line of sexual harassment begin and where does it end?"

By now you've already understood that this is sexual harassment from a female's point of view and I'm fully aware that guys can get sexually harassed as well. Obviously, it's easy to take a man to court because he touched a woman's boobs. This is the case because we as a society have seen it before and we know it happens. On the other hand, I don't think it's easy to accuse someone of sexual harassment because he said over the phone, "I want phone sex with you." It could be just me but I believe that if a phone has been tapped, then it's easy to get clear evidence that the guy wants phone sex.

It's also hard to find evidence of verbal sexual harassment in chat rooms because after what's being said... there's no way of saving it unless you have a program that saves conversations automatically. Once that screen is closed... everything will be lost. The only thing left for the woman is a feeling of being violated and powerless.

Why would a woman be in this situation in the first place? Why couldn't she stop the unwanted verbal abuse in the first place? I don't know. I'm just one woman so I can't assume anything just yet. This means that I need to do more research and or this issue hasn't been brought up in the media, newspapers, or anything like that. Well I haven't seen any.

"Damn him... he called me last night just to have phone sex...I was already mad as hell but phone sex on top of that?"
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